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Coral Gables & Pinecrest Voted #15 in Forbes Most Expensive Zip Codes in the Country

Recently Forbes reported on “America’s Most Expensive Zip Codes” and number 15 was our local favorite of 33156.  As you can see from the map here, this zip code includes portions of the City of Coral Gables and the Village of Pinecrest.


I am proud to say that work in these areas and there are many reasons why these homes get the prices they do.  Mainly it’s the first rule of real estate, location, location, location.  Spectacular waterfront properties abound in this zip code along with quality schools, public and private, ample lots and spacious homes.  All these qualities combined make this zip code an extremely desirable place to live.


Other local zip codes mentioned in the top 100 were 33143, also Coral Gables(#34)  33109, Fisher Island (#39) and 33133, which they list as Coral Gables but those of us who live here know that the majority of this zip code is the Village of Coconut Grove (#92). 

The majority of the top 100 zip codes were located in California and New York state.  Of course with Manhattan being#1, no real surprise there.  Interested in the other “expensive zips” click here for the complete list and full article.

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